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The Restaurant
  • Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia
    Agli Amici Dopolavoro

    Restaurant Concept

    The Agli Amici Dopolavoro team works tirelessly to source only the freshest, seasonal ingredients, meticulously handpicking each element from local fishermen, farmers, and our own JW vegetable garden. The interplay of flavors, the dedication to sustainability, and the celebration of local heritage create an experience that leaves an indelible memory of the magical connection between our restaurant and the Venetian lagoon.
  • Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia
    Agli Amici Dopolavoro

    Savoring surrounded by nature

    At Agli Amici Dopolavoro, your dining experience begins with a captivating aperitif set in our enchanting external patio, nestled amidst the idyllic nature of Isola delle Rose in the Venetian Lagoon. As you step into this serene oasis, the gentle melody of the lagoon's waves and the fragrance of blossoming herbs from our neighboring  JW vegetable garden welcome you to an extraordinary prelude to your dining journey.
  •  Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia
    Agli Amici Dopolavoro

    Inside the elegance

    The main room of Agli Amici Dopolavoro exudes an air of refined elegance that immediately captivates the senses. As you step into this enchanting space designed by Matteo Thun, you'll be enveloped by a sophisticated ambiance that seamlessly merges classic charm with modern sensibilities. Agli Amici Dopolavoro sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

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